October 4, 2012 casper


Dr.E. William Colglazier was appointed in July 2011 as the fourth Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State. The mission of the Office of the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary (STAS) is to provide scientific and technical expertise and advice in support of the development and implementation of U.S. foreign policy. The Adviser serves as an advocate for science-based policy at the State Department, helps to identify and evaluate emerging scientific and technical issues that affect U.S. strategic interests, brings scientific expertise to the Department, and helps to promote scientific and technological capacity-building and science-based policymaking internationally. The Adviser also provides outreach to the U.S. and international scientific community and helps to facilitate scientific cooperation between the United States and other countries.
Dr. Colglazier strongly supports global scientific engagement by the United States to help advance science, solve global problems, and advance diplomacy. All countries see science and technology as important drivers of modern economies, instruments for national defense and homeland security, providers of new knowledge for improving public health, and essential assets for helping solve national, regional, and global problems. In this era of globalization where competition comes from smart people everywhere, the U.S. can remain at the cutting edge and a world leader in science and technology only by engaging with the scientific and technical communities in other countries. Such interaction also helps to encourage other countries to rely on their scientific and technical communities for science-based advice on important public policy issues.