September 23, 2013 casper

Sharla Settlemier is Vice President of Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing at Nike, Inc. She leads a team responsible for collaborating with Nike Inc.'s business units, contracted factory leadership, representatives in academia, and within the NGO community to inform the evolution of the company's sustainable business performance policies and processes. Her team aims to drive improvement in factory sustainability performance by implementing sourcing systems that measure sustainability performance as core to the sourcing evaluation process.  

In addition to evolving Nike’s internal business processes, her team also works directly with the more than 775 contracted factories around the world that make Nike products.  This work includes auditing and managing basic compliance requirements, and building higher level labor and environmental capabilities within factory management teams.  The “Beyond Compliance” focus is centered on creating the understanding and incentives for factory leaders to invest in sustainability performance. These programs include HRM and lean manufacturing practices, as well as waste, water, chemistry, and energy management.

Sustainability is a catalyst for innovation and can enhance Nike's business performance.  This, in turn, delivers a benefit to the contracted factories, their workers, the environment inside and outside the factory walls, as well as the communities in which they operate.