October 4, 2012 casper


Scott Bedbury established himself as one of the most successful marketing and business development executives by helping take two of the world’s most iconic brands, Nike and Starbucks, to global leadership positions.   Since leaving the corporate side he has served as a strategic adviser to dozens of Fortune 500 brands and startups, published A New Brand World, and spoken in more than 20 countries about business innovation, global brand development and experiential marketing.
Bedbury joined Nike in 1987 as Worldwide Advertising Director where he directed the creation of the "Just Do It" campaign.  In a few short years, Nike moved from a distant #3 to #1, setting industry standards for global brand positioning, communication, promotion and product innovation.   Bedbury helped expand Nike’s brand relevancy from an exclusive, aspirational brand for young American male athletes to a more inclusive, inspirational global brand for all ages, fitness levels and cultures.
In 1995 Bedbury left Nike to help another promising company with great possibilities, but this time without mass media and a large marketing budget.  As chief marketing officer at Starbucks Coffee Company, he helped redefine one of the oldest commodities, coffee, through “experiential marketing,” store design, and product innovation.  In three years the company expanded from a few hundred stores in 15 US cities to thousands in the US, Asia and Europe.   Bedbury’s team drove the repositioning and re-design of Starbucks as a comfortable, convenient and welcome "third place" for millions every day between home and work, and expanded the product portfolio to include Starbucks bottled Frappuccino, ice cream and branded music CDs.
One of Starbucks’ greatest challenges was to preserve its distinct brand values, internal culture and high employee retention rates in the face of meteoric market growth and change.  During his time at Starbucks, store openings increased from two stores a week to three stores per day.
With the Starbucks repositioning complete and global brand expansion underway, Bedbury left Starbucks in 1998 to return to what he initially set out to do after Nike – to write, lecture and establish Brandstream, an international brand development consultancy.   Consulting and speaking clients include Facebook, Proctor and Gamble, Coca-Cola, Google, Corona, NASA, Microsoft, Russian Standard, Apple, Amazon.com, Visa, Kaiser Permanente, Tellme Networks, CNET, General Motors, South Africa Breweries, the US Navy, Starwood Hotels, Nokia, T-mobile, UniCredit, Groupo Modelo (Corona), Volkswagen AG, Mars, and Mattel.
Bedbury is a graduate of the University or Oregon School of Journalism and Communication (SJAC) where he has received the Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Achievement awards.  He currently serves on the SJAC Advancement Council.   Scott is also a recipient of the American Advertising Federation Hall of Achievement.  He currently lives in Seattle Washington where he is working on his next book.