April 26, 2017 hanna.mccreath

Roland Hess joined REW/Innogy in 2010 and since March 2014 he is leading the company’s largest group wide transformation program NWoW (New way of working). NWoW looks to improve everyday processes for all 60,000 employees, by improving the organization’s health, effectiveness and performance driving a clear customer focus. Through NWoW we can improve the company’s financial position on both earnings and costs. Within the last 3 years NWoW is reaching 25,000 employees, creating 300Mio+ Euro on committed annual cash flow improvements and move the Organization from 5 last quartile dimensions in organizational health to 3 top quartiles and 2 second quartile dimensions. Within the organization 250 NWoW expert have been trained and enabled to implement the transformation of RWE/Innogy. Before joining REW Roland Hess was a partner and a member of global technology leadership team of the resources industry of Accenture. He was a partner in the Advisory House where he founded and built up operations in Austria and Germany. Prior to this he lead as Chief Information Officer for a few years in the IT and change efforts at OBf AG. Currently Roland Hess is located in Silicon Valley creating leanBit, the ‘fitness tracker’ of organizational health to help to speed and scale up transformations of organizations reaching from small teams to large scale corporations for RWE/Innogy.