September 23, 2013 casper

Noah Isserman is an academic, strategist, and entrepreneur focused on the financing and future of social goods. He is a (Bill and Melinda) Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge and Assistant Professor-elect of Business Administration and Social Work at the University of Illinois, where he is facilitating and directing the creation of a university-wide initiative in social innovation.

As a consultant, Noah has worked on five continents, independently and with Common Ground Consulting, with dozens of organizations and boards on strategy, process, and messaging

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Noah has helped build and sell two profitable enterprises — WholeData, LLC, acquired by the Upjohn Institute, and MAStorage, Inc., — both of which deliberately generated social and commercial value. 

Noah marries his professional experience with broader theory in academic research and teaching. He has designed and delivered courses at the Universities of Cambridge and Illinois at the undergraduate, MBA, MSt, and MTech levels. Noah’s work and research in civil society has been funded by the US State Department and Aga Khan Foundation, among many others, and has been recognized by more than a dozen awards and fellowships. He holds degrees from Amherst College (cognitive neuroscience) and Cambridge (economic geography).