September 23, 2013 casper

Since 2006, Nancy Ann Budden has served as Director for Special Operations Technology in the Rapid Reaction Technology Office of the Secretary of Defense. Here she identifies concepts, field experimentation, demonstrations, and combat collections with a focus on Special Operations Commands. Her office promotes the transition of new technologies to various defense commands, partnering with intelligence, military, technical, academic, and government agencies and communities. Previously, she was Associate Provost at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California advancing NPS’ technical mission, working with defense, intelligence, industry, and academic stakeholders.

Nancy has also managed the NASA JSC Office of Science Integration, Lunar and Mars Exploration Program Office for future missions to the Moon and Mars, and was detailed to the NASA Chief Scientist at NASA Headquarters in 1995. She has worked at the National Science Foundation as a White House placement, is a member of the NASA Headquarters Advisory Council (NAC), and a Visiting Scientist at NASA’s Lunar and Planetary Institute.

Before entering public service, Nancy worked for Union Oil Company of California as an Exploration Geologist/Oceanographer, and for UNOCAL Bangladesh in Dhaka as Director, External Affairs. She holds graduate degrees in Marine Geology/Oceanography and Business Administration, and a BS in Earth Sciences.