January 20, 2015 chad

Dr. Vreeke is a founder of the Chemical Angel Network which provides capital to early stage firms that converge with the chemical sector in the materials, measurement and manufacturing space.

Previously, he was a senior partner at Rational Systems LLC (Houston, TX), a business process and technical consulting firm. Additionally, Dr. Vreeke served as VP of R&D for Rational Biotechnology, a Rational Systems spin-off.

Previously, he served as the Senior VP of R&D at Pepex Biomedical (St. Louis, MO) a medical device company specializing in disposable electrochemical biosensors. He graduated from Calvin College with a BS in chemistry and from the University of Texas at Austin with a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry. He is currently a member of the editorial advisory board of IVD Technology and is a visiting professor in the Chemical Engineering department at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain).