April 26, 2017 hanna.mccreath

Marcela Navarro is a senior international executive, with 20 years’ senior experience in South America, the US and the UK. Throughout her career, she has led innovative transformational projects in finance, innovation and markets, maximising value for both SMEs and Corporations. Marcela is a board member of non-for profit and for profit organisations. In 2015 Marcela Navarro founded Business.Cubed; a visionary organisation based in the UK, dedicated to help multinationals to simplify the adoption of innovations in their value chain. Leveraging her track record in this space, she co-founded WWF-X, which has a massive ambition to radically transform 10 industries in the next 10 years, catalysing markets, innovations and finance for greener value chains. Prior to founding Business.Cubed Marcela was Head of Customer Innovation at the Royal Bank of Scotland – RBS, where she worked across different areas of the bank and reported to the Deputy CEO. During her time in RBS she designed and successfully deployed innovative programmes radically transforming the way corporations and SMEs work together, achieving multimillion pounds savings and additional revenue for the bank, its customers and its suppliers.