September 23, 2013 casper

Jon Thomas is presently the Senior Director of Exploration in Nike's Advanced Manufacturing group.  A 21-year Nike veteran, Jon has worked in a variety of leadership roles in Operations, Strategic Planning, Manufacturing, and Product Creation.  He also had the opportunity to live and work internationally for Nike — a 10-plus-year experience spanning four countries — helping him develop a global perspective on matters and igniting a lifelong appreciation for cultural diversity.  Jon received degrees in Finance & Marketing from the University of Oregon, and earned his MBA at Thailand's SASIN international business school.  

Relentlessly curious by nature, Jon is inspired by companies’ using highly creative and innovative approaches to provide real world benefits.  Luckily, Jon is presently in a role that fuels his passion in this regard as he is able to routinely experience a broad spectrum of new and diverse business models and technologies.

Jon currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and 3 children.