October 4, 2012 casper


Mr. Gilbert Hakim, founder and CEO of SCC Soft Computer, graduated from Stony Brook University, New York, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Master’s Degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Prior to forming SCC in 1979, Mr. Hakim held several technical and management positions in the telecommunications industry with Periphonics, Inc. Drivento provide innovative and practical technological solutions to the banking industry, Mr. Hakim founded SCC and focused on providing custom software programming to healthcare customers, primarily in the clinical Information Systems.
Over the years, as SCC has grown to a company of nearly 1,500 employees worldwide, with revenues over $110 Million Mr. Hakim has been actively involved in all aspects of the Company and, through his intimate knowledge of advances in information technology and the needs of the hospital laboratory, provides the driving vision to ongoing product development. mr. Hakim’s understanding of the healthcare industry’s intense regulatory environment and raidly changing markets, combined with his expert knowledge of software development, deeps SCC’s products at the leading edge of industry demand.
Mr. Hakim’s selection of the technological platform on which all SCC products are based is very important in today’s era of HIPAA compliance concerns and as healthcare decision makers look for enterprise wide-software solutions. The open system architecture and SOA technology supporting all SCC software products assures our customers that their products are easily integrated and broaden the marketing appeal of the company’s flagship products. In addition, standardized technology helps keeps new product development on schedule and within budget.
For those active within the LIS community, it becomes evident that Mr. Hakim is a major force in the world of LIS. Year after year, Mr. Hakim’s image and message can be found within industry publications and journals, and the world of academia. From the earliest iterations of what has evolved into the modern LIS in the late 1970s to leading the way into genetics-based Information systems and workflow automation, Mr. Hakim is more than just a corporate CEO. Mr. Hakim is often found at client sites, and is considered the most hands-on CEO in the business.
He speaks directly to laboratorians and medical professionals alike, and learns from them, absorbing and transforming this knowledge into SCC’s vision. Through his contributions towards the modernization of the LIS and laboratory medicine, as well as profound generousity to SCC employees, the underprivileged, and countless other charitable contributions, Mr. Gilbert Hakim plays a positive role in society, and most certainly, is considered a valuable part of what makes SCC special in the world of LIS.