September 23, 2013 casper

Consumer insight and trends expert DeeDee Gordon joined Sterling Brands in 2010 as President of their Innovation Group. Here she is building an innovation practice powered by insights from the-Collaboratory — her invitation-only, online global network of brand enthusiasts. She offers end-to-end solutions from initial concept to product execution, engaging the consumer throughout, and helping companies create more meaningful products, services, and experiences.

Previously, DeeDee was an entrepreneur, co-founding Look-Look, an online research, marketing, and trend consultancy specializing in youth culture. During its 10-year run, Look-Look provided Calvin Klein, Audi, Microsoft, Universal Pictures, Nike, and Virgin Mobile instant access to information from trendsetting and mainstream consumers worldwide.

Earlier in her career, DeeDee was the Director of Research and Product Development for ad agency Lambesis, creating the first national marketing research report tracking trend diffusion.

Recognized internationally, DeeDee has lectured all over the world and been featured in numerous media outlets. Her case studies have been included in Life Stories: Profiles from The New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, and several college textbooks. In addition, she was featured in PBS's Frontline special "Merchants of Cool," which is used in the marketing curriculum for numerous college classrooms.