October 4, 2012 casper

Bikash Pandey is Director of Clean Energy at Winrock International. His work experience encompasses twenty years in policy review, design, and implementation of a range of clean/renewable energy projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. A technical specialist in hydropower systems, he has designed and implemented numerous community-based electrification, household energy, and clean transportation projects. He also brings long experience encouraging policy change within governments, bilateral and multilateral donors and capacity building to support renewable energy. He has registered a number of energy access projects under the CDM, including the first aggregated domestic biogas projects and community micro-hydropower projects. In addition to developing a pipeline of carbon finance projects he has done extensive capacity building and training on preparation of Project Design Documents. He holds an M.S. in Energy and Environment, from the University of California at Berkeley and a S.B. in Electrical Engineering from MIT.