October 4, 2012 casper

Ms. Batson joined USAID as Deputy Assistant Administrator for Global Health and the USAID Deputy of the Global Health Initiative (GHI). Her 20-year career in global health has included positions in the WHO, UNICEF, and most recently, the World Bank. As one of the original members of the GAVI Alliance, she led the World Bank’s efforts in vaccine financing, including the establishment of new financing mechanisms like the Advance Market Commitment and the use of donor financing to “buy-down” loans from the International Development Assistance program. Together these efforts have provided billions of dollars of new funding for global health and helped to vaccinate millions of children against polio, pneumonia, diarrhea, and other vaccine preventable causes of death. More recently, her leadership efforts have been directed toward improving health systems through the use of results-based financing mechanisms. Prior to joining the World Bank, Ms. Batson was a joint WHO/UNICEF staff member in the WHO Global Program for Vaccines, where she led efforts to develop public-private partnerships for vaccines and to further investment in vaccine manufacturing and development. She has published nearly two dozen articles, mostly in the domain of the applied economics of vaccine production and commercialization.