LAUNCH Smarter Chemistry

Enabling predictive design through innovative applications of data in chemistry.

The LAUNCH Chemistry Innovation Challenge 2016 was a global call for innovators, entrepreneurs, companies, and organizations to enable predictive design through innovative applications of data in chemistry.

Together with the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute, Estée Lauder, NIKE, Inc. and additional partner organizations, LAUNCH sought innovators and companies who make chemistry smarter by generating data, making data more accessible, analyzing the data or applying data in ways that move chemistry towards predictive design-based discovery.

Imagine the potential of being able to design high-performing, greener chemicals and chemistries as easily as we can develop new software today.  What if we were able to accurately predict function from a chemical structure, to have a complete understanding of the life-cycle of that molecule from the moment it was conceptualized and synthesized?

We believe that the future of chemistry is smart, data-rich and data-driven.  Smarter Chemistry serves as a launch pad for a new generation of invention, allowing innovators to more effectively hack our physical world.  By reaching this future sooner, we can accelerate progress on eliminating toxicity and creating materials that have yet to be imagined.

Challenge Partners

The LAUNCH Smarter Chemistry Innovators