LAUNCH Green Chemistry

Leveraging green chemistry to transform the system of materials and manufacturing.

LAUNCH Green Chemistry seeks innovations that leverage or advance ‘green chemistry’ to transform the system of materials and manufacturing to one that advances global economic growth, drives human prosperity, and replenishes the planet’s resources.

LAUNCH Green Chemistry seeks innovations in materials and manufacturing, following the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Principles.  This challenge is specifically focused in the following areas with preference for projects that support local, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise inclusion that also create equitable, empowered workforces.  Innovations can be technical, processes, business models, enabling platforms, relevant data capture and assessment, and capability building.

  • Solutions that reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in materials and processes.
  • Solutions that enable the use of low environmental impact, renewable feedstocks.
  • Chemistry that enables end-of-life recycling or maximize the potential for closed loop systems while minimizing hazard.
  • Solutions that increase energy, water, and raw material efficiency, minimizing the use of constrained resources.
  • Solutions that maximize community, worker, consumer, and environmental safety from hazardous chemicals.
  • Enabling models, education, and tools to help industry and consumers select greener chemistry alternatives.

Challenge Partners

The LAUNCH Green Chemistry Innovators