LAUNCH Beyond Waste

How can we transform current waste management practices to ones focused on minimizing waste and/or transforming waste into new products?

LAUNCH: Beyond Waste seeks to transform “waste” from a by-product with a negative impact to a resource and asset for society.

LAUNCH invited proposals for innovative design for zero waste solutions, waste elimination, waste transformation, and waste mitigation technologies, as well as waste reduction-focused education, business, and financial strategies that have the potential to reduce and/or eliminate waste at a household, community, office building, campus, or industrial level.

The ultimate goal of LAUNCH is a sustainable future for planet Earth and its inhabitants.  The LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Challenge seeks to identify entrepreneurial efforts focused on the development of innovative products, services, and programs that can benefit from collaborating and networking with influential government and business leaders to accelerate their deployment and adoption in both the developed and developing worlds.

Challenge Partners

The LAUNCH Beyond Waste Innovators