LAUNCH: Closing the Loop

Last year, we were focusing on new types of closed loop solutions and recycling technologies that had the potential to disrupt current material and resource flows. 

After receiving 120 applications from 36 different countries the LAUNCH Nordic partners selected six LAUNCH Nordic 2016 innovators:
  • Globechain is a platform to connect businesses, charities and people around reusing unwanted items. (UK)
  • Infinited Fibre Company is a closed loop solution for the textile industry. (FI)
  • BioCellection is a biotech solution that uses bacteria to upcycle plastic. (US)
  • Queen of Raw is an online sustainable materials marketplace for suppliers and designers. (US)
  • Kabadiwalla Connect is a system to help cities manage recyclable waste, by leveraging the informal waste ecosystem. (IN)
  • Shrilk is a biodegradable alternative to plastic that is inspired by the insect cuticle. (SI)

On December 1, 2016 the six LAUNCH Nordic innovators began the LAUNCH acceleration process. 

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Challenge Status: