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Specifically, LAUNCH Nordic 2014 is focusing on innovations within the areas of

  1. Closed Loop Solutions & Design for Disassembly

  2. Cleaner manufacturing & Green Chemistry

  3. Sustainable Investments & Procurement

  4. End-user Engagement

We are interested in innovations with the potential to scale in two years, as well as game-changing early stage technologies and prototypes. Innovations can be business models, financial instruments, technologies and programs that accelerate research, education and capacity building.

Submissions for this challenge closed on 1 June 2014.

Closed Loop Solutions & Design for Disassembly

  • Innovations that create local and regional supplies of raw materials within textiles, fabrics and fibers by reclaiming/reusing materials locally.
  • Innovations that incorporate design for disassembly and reuse within the area of textiles, fabrics and fibers, e.g. through simplicity in design. This can be both new design approaches, or methods that optimize existing design approaches.
  • Innovations that support recycling of textiles and fibers, e.g. by enabling automated identification of and sorting by material composition, or by enabling chemical recycling of synthetic and cellulosic textiles.
  • New approaches to training and education of producers, designers, and makers of textiles, fabrics and fibers in relation to better and more informed decision making concerning sustainability including design for disassembly and environmental awareness.
  • Innovations which introduces new sources of feedstock or new and alternative ways of applying local and regional sources of feedstock, e.g. forestry.
  • Zero waste or closed loop systems that eliminate waste and create equitable, empowered workforces.

Cleaner manufacturing & Green Chemistry

  • Innovations, which optimize or combine existing technologies and approaches within closed loop manufacturing, green chemistry, and recycling/reuse, making them more cost effective and more accessible.
  • Innovations that reduce the toxic/chemical impact of textiles, fabrics and fibers at the point of production, manufacturing and usage, e.g. through use of green chemistry.
  • Innovations in sharing and exchange of manufacturing information and data, e.g supporting more equitable capacity management & worker inclusion in value chain.

Sustainable Investments & Procurement

  • New financial instruments or incentive structures, which shares the value and risk of sustainable material production across the value chain.
  • Tools, models and methods supporting private and public organizations in green/responsible procurement or sustainable supply chain management, e.g. through natural capital accounting.
  • New innovative frameworks, services or applications that will allow private and/or institutional investors to make more efficient sustainable investments in companies and innovators.
  • Scalable innovative business models that are sustainable and create equitable, empowered workforces.

End User Engagement:

  • Innovations that engage, inform and create transparency for the end-user of textiles, fabrics and fibers (both businesses and consumers). The goal being to advance the use of sustainable materials or change the behavior of consumers to more sustainable care and consumption of materials.
  • New incentive structures or brand/product approaches for consumers to buy sustainable/environmentally conscious textile and fabric products or use products in more sustainable ways, e.g. through take-back schemes, deposit or leasing models.

For more information on this challenge, download the LAUNCH Nordic Challenge Statement (Full Version, PDF) or go to the FAQ.

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