Rupesh Shah
Executive Director
Rupesh is an experienced business & product leader with leadership and management experience in a variety of different domains including corporate, social enterprise, nonprofit, and as a CSR leader. Prior to SecondMuse, Rupesh led Simpa Energy’s end-to-end customer experience including the Product, Technology, Marketing, & Customer Service functions. During his two and a half years at Simpa, the company grew from 200 to nearly 15,000 customers, achieved unit and branch level profitability, and is on the verge of more aggressive expansion.
Rachel Lawley
Director of Program
Rachel is an innovation facilitator with expertise convening systems of stakeholders around complex challenges. Rachel came to SecondMuse from FURTHER by Design, and has supported LAUNCH since 2010. She started her career as a research analyst in the social enterprise space before joining the British government, where she served as Vice Consul (Trade & Investment). She has spent over a decade supporting organizations with business development and new market strategies. Rachel received her B.S. in Psychology from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.
Jeff Hamaoui
Strategic Advisor
Jeff is an expert in collaborative innovation and is fascinated with open innovation, systems collaborations and the intersection between the two. Jeff has spent 20 years building partnerships around the world working with many organizations to understand the strategies, technologies, financial tools and narratives to effectively get groups of people to design together, invest together and work together. Jeff is a Co-Founder of LAUNCH and sits on a number of boards focusing on access to technology (Techsoup Global), education and youth development. He also loves to surf.
Todd Khozein
Strategic Advisor
Todd is a pioneer in systems innovation based on biological models. In this context, he has studied and applied systems theory to organizational innovation, developing systems in industries ranging from medicine to entertainment. His interests lie in creating collaborative frameworks where the incentive structure, technology and human resource development initiatives align to enable innovation across hierarchy. At SecondMuse he has founded initiatives such as RHoK and LAUNCH.
Sofus Midtgaard
LAUNCH Nordic Lead
Sofus is leading the Nordic expansion of the LAUNCH platform incl. partner mobilization, industry engagement, events and communication. Sofus is an experienced sustainability and innovation executive having worked with global companies, governments and startups.
Toke Sabroe
LAUNCH Nordic Operations
Toke is heading Nordic operations including challenge condensation as well as innovator mobilization, review and acceleration. Toke is an experienced sustainability and innovation expert having worked with global companies, governments and startups.
Davar Ardalan
Director of Storytelling
Davar leads systems storytelling at LAUNCH and SecondMuse. Davar sees the future of sustainability storytelling in virtual reality, a tool with the potential to transform hearts and minds and disrupt media. Most recently, she was the Senior Producer and Social Media Strategist for NPR’s Identity and Culture Unit, producing live and digital events nationwide on critical issues, including voting rights, education and immigration. Her real-time campaigns garnered millions of impressions on Twitter across the globe. In May 2014, she was the recipient of an Ellis Island Medal of Honor for individual achievement and for promoting cultural unity.
Lauren Cater
Program Associate
As a Program Associate at LAUNCH, Lauren provides support for the LAUNCH platform and program cycles. Her background is in Geography and Global Studies and her interests are focused on environmental and social impact, innovation and evaluation.
Matt Scott
Matt Scott is an associate with LAUNCH and SecondMuse. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Matt worked with digital agency Social Driver to craft and execute social-first campaigns in a variety of industries, including projects with Honda, Harvard, and Digital Learning Day. His efforts have successfully encouraged the FCC to modernize internet in schools by $1.5B and Congress to facilitate compensation for pre-1972 musicians not receiving royalties. Currently, he works to strengthen storytelling for SecondMuse and its clients, including NASA and the World Bank. As an advocate against sexual violence and digital strategist alike, Matt often gives talks on incorporating human-centered design into promotional efforts.
Kendra Yoshinaga
Kendra Yoshinaga is a LAUNCH Associate supporting innovation cycles. She comes to LAUNCH from SecondMuse, where she helped lead the #BlueRevolution storytelling campaign to promote sustainable aquaculture in developing countries. Kendra brings to LAUNCH a strong background in multimedia journalism and a passion for using storytelling tools to illustrate inequality and inspire social change. She has interned at NPR twice-- first on the show Tell Me More with Michel Martin, and more recently on the Education Desk. Kendra graduated from American University in May 2016 with a B.A. in broadcast journalism and a minor in legal studies.