Convening Collective Genius

The LAUNCH Forum convenes the Collective Genius of our LAUNCH Innovators — the 10 selected “game changing” Innovators, and our LAUNCH Council — a curated and multi-disciplinary group of influential leaders and stakeholders whose expertise, networks and resources are critical to achieving system change.  Together over 3 days, with a NASA facility such as Kennedy Space Center or JPL as backdrop, LAUNCH guides a series of presentations and moderated discussions designed to identify opportunities and to chart a course of action to accelerate these innovations forward.  

The Forum is designed to be  is structured into Presentations —15 minute vision statements and follow-on Q&A; and Impact Rotations— a series of moderated discussions with subsets of the Council to identify challenges and opportunities for each of the LAUNCH Innovators.

What is the LAUNCH Forum?  

See LAUNCH in action at the LAUNCH: Beyond Waste Forum held on July 20-22, 2012 at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.