From Conversations to Action

LAUNCH does not end at the close of the Forum.  Instead, Innovators participate in the LAUNCH Accelerator, a 6-month program custom designed for each Innovator to harvest and action the connections, ideas and opportunities surfaced during the LAUNCH Forum. 
Accelerator support is tailored to fit each Innovator, but may include: 
  • Development of communications collateral 
  • Follow up with LAUNCH Council member suggestions or connections
  • Pro-bono sessions with LAUNCH Resource Partners
  • Additional tailored ‘impact rotations’
This is where LAUNCH moves from discussion to real results.
Below is an example of an Accelerator timeline for LAUNCH:
The LAUNCH Valuation Report aims to capture the impact of LAUNCH as a social entrepreneurship enterprise beyond conventional return on investment. To better understand the value impact of LAUNCH, the valuation model developed for LAUNCH explores the underlying motivations, approaches, and impact of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability – the core of LAUNCH. Using innovation, collaboration and sustainability as lenses, we assess how LAUNCH creates social capital, intellectual capital and social and environmental benefits. View the report.