Our Process

For each LAUNCH challenge we activate our unique process which will identify game changing innovations that can scale for impact with the leadership that are stakeholders in the system the LAUNCH Challenge is addressing.  Having successfully launched five Challenges (Water, Health, Energy, Beyond Waste, and System: Fabrics) and accelerated a portfolio of 50 innovations, LAUNCH itself has become recognized as an innovation itself being replicated by other platforms in the public and private sectors.  As we identify 10 game changers per challenge, we refer to the LAUNCH process itself as the 11th Innovation. 

LAUNCH was founded on the simple idea: to scale innovation for impact, the networks, strategies and resources of global stakeholders need to be leveraged.  We call this “collective genius” and we harness this to create “a better world”. 

For each LAUNCH module we run through a unique innovation process.

Big Think

Understanding The Problem

The global challenges we face as a society are complex.  Each requires a deep understanding of the problems, the systems and dynamics that are driving those problems and the landscape of solutions that have the potential to scale for impact. To begin our process of “collective genius” LAUNCH convenes a group of leaders and experts in the specific system to provide insight regarding the LAUNCH Challenge.  We call this “Big Think”.


Collaborating to Address Complex Challenges

A high-profile 2-day convening of system stakeholders who will work on system transformation. The Summit is the platform for the public release of the LAUNCH Challenge. Initial engagement of prospective new partners and LAUNCH Council occurs at the Summit. 

Challenge Statement

Identifying Innovations

After synthesizing the perspectives from Big Think, the LAUNCH Challenge Statement is ratified and published commencing in a robust research and open innovation process that will identify hundreds of innovations.  Ten innovations are chosen through a rigorous review yielding the system “game changers”.


Convening Collective Genius

The LAUNCH Forum is the centerpiece of the LAUNCH process and primary catalyst for system change where our LAUNCH Innovators — the 10 selected “game changing” Innovators, engage with our LAUNCH Council — a curated and multi-disciplinary group of leaders and stakeholders whose expertise, networks and resources align to the Challenge.  Over 3 days, LAUNCH guides discussions designed to identify opportunities and to chart a course of action to accelerate these innovations forward.  


From Conversations to Action

If the Forum is the catalyst, the LAUNCH Accelerator is the action. The LAUNCH Accelerator is a 6-month program post-Forum designed to strengthen Innovator strategies, expand their networks and resources, and to amplify their potential for global impact. Through the successful scaling of these potentially high-impact LAUNCH Innovators, meaningful transformation of the system can be achieved.