Rene Nunez Suarez

Rene Nunez Suarez

Organization: Turbococina

What is the Turbococina?

A revolutionary clean and efficient wood combustion cookstove.

A program to distribute Turbococinas – clean and highly efficient combustion cook stoves – to the poorest families and public schools in rural El Salvador.


In El Salvador, over half a million homes use wood for daily cooking. Smoke inhalation from wood stoves causes acute respiratory diseases that especially affect women and children. Additionally, the use of wood as fuel has devastated the natural resources of El Salvador, one of the most deforested countries in Latin America.


The program distributes Turbococina clean cook stoves in rural El Salvador free of charge through private-public partnerships, carbon finance mechanisms, and poverty alleviation networks. These stoves are masterfully engineered, generating no black carbon emissions and achieving a thermal efficiency rate of 93%.

"The Turbococina is the most efficient and cleanest wood combustion cook stove available in the world today.” – Rene Nuñez Suarez, CTO of Soter AG and President of Tecnologías Ecológicas Centroamericanas SA de CV


The model is replicable worldwide, especially in countries with existing public social support and poverty alleviation programs. This highly efficient and clean heat-generation technology can also be used in electricity generation.

“This is a revolutionary wood combustion technology, which manages to transform the kitchen from a smoke laden hazardous environment into a clean and habitable place.” –Rene Nuñez Suarez, CTO of Soter AG and President of Tecnologías Ecológicas Centroamericanas SA de CV


Innovator News

April 02, 2012

We recently received an update from Turbococina founder René Nuñez Suarez. After attending the LAUNCH Energy Forum René has received media interest from throughout Latin America. Mr. Suarez has since been highlighted in an article in his country's El Salvador Magazine which also included a nod to Point Source Power. Mr. Suarez also appeared on a popular morning radio show in El Salvador.

We're extremely excited to see Turbococina showcased and look forward to seeing other LAUNCH Forum innovators in the news.
We've collected a few of Mr. Suarez's spanish-languange media appearances below.
By Dennis Bonilla