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Nitin Gupta: Attero Recycling

Attero Recycling

India’s first low cost, efficient metal extraction technology for e-waste. With an integrated recycling and refurbishing facility and proprietary metallurgical processes (patent pending), Attero is the only end-to-end e-waste recycling company in India.


E-waste is the darker side of today’s digital age, containing 1000 different substances, many of which are toxic. In terms of volume, e-waste comprises more than 80% of solid waste, and most of this ends up in landfills with severe environmental consequences. In the illegal e-waste trade, women and children process e-waste without protective gear. This is a global concern: while the developed world consumes the largest share of the 1 billion PCs sold worldwide, the less developed countries tend to pay the price. In a time of growing oil prices and climate change concerns, a complete e-waste solution is necessary.


Attero is the only end-to-end e-waste recycling company in India. It has developed a unique metal extraction technology for e-waste which extracts pure precious and semi-precious metals as a substitute for metals from virgin mines. With an integrated recycling approach, refurbishing facility and proprietary metallurgical processes, Attero works across the complete value chain, right from collecting e-waste through an extensive reverse logistic chain, reconditioning life of products for further reuse, and recycling the end-of-life products to extract pure metals.

“We at Attero, look at e-waste not just as waste, but as an important resource that can be made useful instead of shunning it as a social and environmental burden.” – Nitin Gupta, Cofounder and CEO of Attero


Attero’s vision is to ensure that all e-waste is recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner at the lowest cost possible. In India, Attero is a major source of pure metals, both precious and non-precious, which can be used to manufacture new products. It is expanding an extensive network of collection systems across India to reach the 1 billion plus person population with a door-to-door collection service.

“Our technology is disruptive because going forward we believe that most of the demand for metals would be met by recycling and extracting pure metals from e Waste. As per our estimates if we keep increasing the processing of e-waste, Attero would be a leading producer of some types of metals in India.” – Rohan Gupta, Cofounder and COO of Attero