Craig Jacobson : Point Source Power

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Point Source Power

An economical fuel cell for emerging markets that allows battery charging in cooking pits or fires.

A simple, affordable fuel cell that allows users to create electricity as an added benefit of cooking with biomass-fueled cook stoves.


If it could be effectively harnessed, thermal heat generated by cook stoves could help provide power for the 1.5 billion people worldwide who do not have adequate access to electricity and use costly, cumbersome, and toxic solutions for lighting their homes and charging their cell phones.


A low-cost fuel cell that operates at cook stove temperatures and converts biomass directly to electricity. These fuel cells run on anything that burns, from gasses and liquids like LPG, biogas, and ethanol, to solids like wood, charcoal, and even cow dung. A user will be able to simply put biomass in a container and place it in their cook stove. As it heats, the biomass will generate gases that will be converted to electricity.

“People view fuel cells as an advanced technology that only wealthy countries can afford. We see things differently. We’ve created a technology that uses inexpensive materials found in homes throughout developing regions of the world – biomass and cook stoves.” – Craig Jacobson, Co-founder and CEO of Point Source Power


Electricity production in the home will accelerate users’ ability to read, write, and learn in the home, as well as more easily communicate with mobile phones and other personal electronic devices. Users save time and money, and this technology operates rain or shine.

“We need a simple, affordable technology that easily integrates into the daily lives of people in underserved regions of the world. Cooking is something that has to be done every day. We have taken cutting edge technology and matched it to this daily ritual.” – Craig Jacobson, Co-founder and CEO of Point Source Power